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30th-Dec-2012 09:24 pm - [sticky post] Friends Only!

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Well I have to say it was almost about time for me to do this. Not because I really want or like it, but I had some spam recently even if I have been gone from here for some months~ Anyone who wants to read my fics just add me and comment here~ It will be a pleasure talking to you~ Fanfiction List is Here

Most of my rants will be public lol feel free to comment~ The fanfics (since I can't seem to avoid writing explicit material XD) are all friends locked~ 

Best wishes and happy holidays~ <3 <3 <3
30th-Dec-2020 10:12 pm - A little Fanfiction Master List XD
Well only little for now Hahaha. And I am kinda in a hurry so when I find the time I will definitely be adding more fics and expand the content with summaries and perhaps pictures. For now I will be happy with the draft post~ XD

Fanfiction ListCollapse )
8th-Oct-2013 07:11 pm - Happy Birthday~
I made a happy birthday gif for a friend XD Decided to post it here for the hell of it :D

Happy Birthday!! Hakan
19th-Jul-2012 10:43 pm - Sword Art Online
Hi there

I know i've been absent for a loooong time so it will probably be kind of a long rant. 

First I moved across the continent again, from the sweet summer to the cold cold north. ;A; I've been busy trying to find internship with little success. I am waiting for answers from two companies and god am i hoping for a yes. But i really really don't wanna talk about that. It leaves me in a crappy mood haha. 

I want to talk about Sword Art Online. This anime which is an adaptation of the Sword Art Online light novels. I love the story. It is some time in the near future and we have invented full virtual reality games, however the creator of the while virtual system traps the players inside the game and turns it into real life and death survival game, instead of the virtual mmo game it was supposed to be. If the player dies, the helmet with the virtual technology fries the player's brain. 
I love the idea and the main character - Kirihito. He was a beta tester of the game and he is one of the best players of the game. It follows him as he falls in love and in the end beats the game. The art of the books is amazing. The anime really does not do it justice. I hope that it will start to follow the book soon. Now they have started with the short stories which are kind of like related one-shots in books>>>>

I have also picked up Shugo Chara again. WAAAAAAH~ Ikuto is amaaaaazing~ <3 <3 I love him so much! He such a hot piece of meat!! *drools* Too bad the Amu is so young in the anime and manga. All of the pervy references! Humpty-dumpty indeed X3.

and the last think before he left was to "hurry up and grow up". 

Too bad that the fandom re-defines the word 'badfic'... honestly pages and pages of bad to worse fics... I have a feeling that I am one of the few adults in the fandom. Well not really surprising but well. I was hoping for better.  

I will post again soon.
19th-Jul-2012 08:05 pm - Demonoid OPEN today!!

Demonoid Registration is open today! Anyone interested can hurry up and grab one before they close it again. No need for invitations either. 

I am so happy since i forgot the pass for my old registration and i was in a need of a new one ;A; 

Also I have been pretty absent lately... and busy... 
3rd-May-2012 12:02 am - *cries*
My hard drive is dead....................

Everyone, please pray with me...I hope my data is safe...at least some of ittttt ;A; *cries rivers of tears*
23rd-Mar-2012 05:18 am(no subject)
Why is it that every time I see too many j-rock pictures I have this need to fix my hair :D

I've been fishing tumblr for Fate/Zero materials ( as if pixiv wasn't enough) and checked the other tags I'm following. And well after seeing all those nicely styled hairs lol I just gotta go put some order into mine.  

7th-Mar-2012 03:24 pm - THIS just HAD to be shared :D

This is more for those who have studied some form of economics, but it was so funny I can´t help myself ;D;D;D;D;D  

"Alright, alright, alright, listen to me. So this economics bidness is about supply and demand, right? BO-ring! How's about we say Sonic the Hedgehog represents supply and Tails represents demand. Crazy, right? But hold your horses, fuckos, and hear me out. Supply-side economics, or Sonic-side economics, as I like to call 'er, is all about decreasing taxes (or rings) so that suppliers (Sonicers) have more money (Sega Genesis consoles) they can use to expand (jump off a ramp) and hire more workers (Dr. Robotniks), who share in the wealth (Marios and Luigis). BOO-yah! That right there is supply-side economics in a nutshell, my friend!"

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